April 18, 2012

True Story Bout Bossy People

This type of bossy people, from my view, is a person full with madness. They always force people to do everything quickly and perfectly. When we arent able to finish the jobs, they will throw the tantrum, like the world will end right away.

I feel very piss of, but still can do nothing. I have to bare for all the temper. Because the man that i handle right now, is the person that i must, should and wajib to give my full respect. And I think that is the end. No taknak, or nanti sekejap or this will lead to more destruction. Everybody around will get involved and become a mess. What a life.

Ya Allah, I know u give me the right man (not the man with the temper above, i mean the other man) The one with full of patient but still lack with something somewhere. I know people cant be as perfect as we want. I know some time i lost my patient and act like a stubborn me lah. But thx God, he stay.

And God, i knew that u always give me sinar and hidayah. I knew because i felt in my heart. i always want to make a 100% changes in my life. I dun want to see u like me now. I will come clean. Give me time, at least untill i get married and have a few children. But God, heard me plss, i will try my very best to be the good ummat Muhammad.
ps : dun get me wrong