October 20, 2010

well, be cautious ..

meminjam kata-kata seorang kawan.

"things that really a mistake is that i shared so much with my recent friends and they used that to really-really put me in freaking hell. Maybe for a lifetime" (this is in my edited version)
Well, not all that we bragging for days and nite even with TRUE friends is nice in their ear. Perhaps there is one or two give them anoyying feels but they dont really put it out in front us. Remember, some friends seem like very like us and boasting bout best friend. but in behind our back they talks and reveal our most dark story.

So, that is it. if it is a real dark story, our life is become hell.

thanks for that kind of freiends.

ps: even thought i talk a lot and i talk bout u, but i view it in different mode. not backstabbing u.ok.