February 2, 2012

Respect believer

Aku percaya, mungkin ramai rakan sebaya di luar sana yang masa sekolah gangster ya rabbi. Tolak jauh-jauh hipokrit. Hipokrit tu mcmla najis babi. And bila ada rakan yang kaki bodek kita mengata habis-habis. And i happen to punch one of my schoolmate sbb this bodek term. *im not proud of it.
Betapa gangsternya dekat sekolah dulu. Cuma fikir nak jadi diri sendiri. Dun care what others think. Buat ape ikut suka hati. My mom had been call sbb my actions. Kena rotan.kena jmpe kaunselor. Ludah depan cikgu. Make all my classmate berhadapan dgn teacher bi.argue with him.hilangkan henfon kwn sbb menyampah dgn die.i think on that time she had to pay for being so annoy. Thats picture me before. How out spoken i am.how violence. How rude. How i didnt know what CONSIDERED is. What RESPECT mean. I judge people aroud macamla aku bagus sgt kan..

But once i get older i start to learn. I believe all person have right to be respect even tho they make a mistake. We make a mistake. I make a mistake. I learn to considered others. I learn how to respect their families, friends, relatives and surrounding. I learn how to pull my anger. Not just simply throw my temper.How to treat people nicely. To talk to them if they making mistake. I learn. And i also believe people may respond when their family is being harm. Do whatever you want but plss not including family. Whatever it takes. Blame on everything ive done. But only me. There s nothings matter to my family. They are innocent. And they think im a very good daugther ever. And i believe ur fmily think d same bout u. So, plss be respect. And be considered. You can always make my fb like ur own but my family deserve nothing to be hurt. REMIND.

I write emotionly. Thank you :')
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