March 3, 2011


This time, it's no matter how bad your friend behaving. Like she talks with ego (oh, coz she is some daughter from landlord) , Or like she's so love man, mans. or she think she is hot but umm, she is not! or watever the reason is, dont cut the relationship. dun throw friendship.

Coz, some time we didnt notice, they color our life. At least they color our life now. And once we cut one friend we cutting the entire chain. So, maybe our life is on the top of greatness now, and wish to cut out some annoying friend then suddenly we will found life wasnt as great as before.

Life never gonna turn to be so much perfect. Coz there is no perfectness. But to make it beautiful and fun and joy we have to take all. Its come with package. The annoy one friend and the greatest moment ever.

And so, we can never make it without friend. Live alone is suck. Its more fucking suck when comes your birthday. being alone is the sadness thing ever (even u think u are in great position). So be good and always put boundaries but some time it is ok to be over the limit, just not always over the limit. Chill^^

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ghost writer said...

yeah..we still need a friend.

in the same time..soal kawan juga tidak dilebihkan dalam banyak perkara sekalipun dlm banyak perkara kita perlukan kawan..